Three commonly used methods for charging lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Three commonly used methods for charging lead-acid batteries

1. Single pulse charging

The communication rectifier for the bottom voltage of the secondary winding of the transformer uses beverage DC (no filter) to charge the battery This method has a large current and a fast battery charging speed. The disadvantage is that when the working voltage of the power grid fluctuates, the current also fluctuates. The rechargeable battery current is large, the charging temperature is high, the electrolyte solution is damaged, and it is easy to produce. It is very rare.

2. Constant current charging

In order to avoid the battery charging temperature is too high and the lithium battery electrolyte damage is small, the current modulation is relatively small, the battery must be charged for a long time, on the other hand If the battery charging time is too long, overcharge will occur immediately to avoid damage to the rechargeable battery due to overcharging. Additional charging tests or timing power circuits need to be installed.

3. Constant voltage charging

The basic theory and practical activities have confirmed that when the battery working voltage is less than the battery charging working voltage limit, the battery charging is safe.

Precautions for using lead-acid batteries

(1) In the event of danger, the inspector shall not open the bottle. If the battery case is not charged carefully, If hydrochloric acid is touched, please use plenty of cold water to wash it.

(2) When using a variety of rechargeable batteries, pay attention to the correctness of the connection between the rechargeable batteries and the need for no short-circuit failure.

(3) During the entire application process, major vibration or damage of mechanical equipment should be prevented.

(4) Use upper and lower rechargeable battery containers to facilitate heat pipe cooling.

(5) Do not drop sediment into the battery or pour rechargeable batteries into water.

(6) The cleaning of rechargeable batteries should be done with wet towels as much as possible. Do not use wet cloths or feather dusters, and do not use organic chemical cleaning agents to clean rechargeable batteries.

(7) Do not use new and old batteries of different sizes in the same box, and make different rechargeable batteries.

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