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27. Why Chose Us:

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27. Why Chose Us:

27. Why Chose Us:


1. As a specialized manufacturer .We use only original lead material which purity is 99.99% . We possess our own lead-plate production line, which is the core technology for Lead Acid Battery. Most important, we adopt advanced green formation technology, which can greatly decrease the effect to the environment comparing to the tank formation technology. With high tin ratio inside the lead plate, we can greatly increase the battery life cycle.


2. As a qualified supplier in the world.We possess the following certificate CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, , and Solar Product Certification.With completely quality control system and production management system, we do control the product quality and production efficiency very well.

3. As a big manufacturer in China.We not only support you with quick delivery but also satisfy you with customized service. We factories with lead plate production workshop and 10 battery assembly lines.

4. As a manufacturer since 1957,We can support you esteemed company with experienced professional team and reputable market reputation. Any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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