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Two major misunderstandings in battery maintenance

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Two major misunderstandings in battery maintenance

Two major misunderstandings in battery maintenance


Myth 1: 'Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries' do not require regular maintenance 

The so-called "maintenance-free" means that compared with traditional open batteries, it does not require regular addition of electrolyte or distilled water, rather than regular inspection of its 'health status'. If these maintenance-free batteries are not checked regularly, they are very prone to deterioration and failure. If it is light, it will cause liquid leakage and corrosion, and internal short circuit, and if it is serious, it will cause local fire and cause a fire.


Myth 2: To maintain the battery, you only need to monitor the voltage 

Due to cost factors, some engineers often use a multimeter to test the floating charge voltage of the battery. Currently, online systems on the market also use the battery voltage to monitor and evaluate the health status of the backup battery or energy storage battery. But the floating charge voltage can only reflect whether the charger is working normally, but not the health status of the battery. When the battery capacity drops, the floating charge voltage is likely to remain falsely high due to the control of the UPS charger. This is why in many cases the voltage of the UPS shows normal, but the battery pack loses power quickly after a power outage and cannot be discharged.


So what items do you need to test during maintenance? How to choose the test frequency? 

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' maintenance standard for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (IEEEStd 1188-2005) can provide a reference for you. In addition to the float voltage, the internal resistance of the battery, the temperature of the negative pole and the ripple voltage are all parameters that need to be paid attention to.


The above are two major misunderstandings in battery maintenance. If you have any confusion during use, please call Power Kingdom +86-755-22161920. We have a professional and strong technical team for support, and will always be the strong backing of consumers and dealers, so that you have no worries and achieve a win-win situation.

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