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The Products on Power Kingdom Batteries

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The Products on Power Kingdom Batteries

The Products on Power Kingdom Batteries


Power Kingdom is the brand name of a professional sealed lead acid battery manufacturer in China. Our production hub is located in Jiyuan city, Henan province, China. Power kingdom, which was established in the year 2002, is one of the subsidiaries of Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Group. The power kingdom is specialized in producing VRLA batteries. A number of facts ensure the quality of our products. Firstly, we make batteries from the no. 1 LEADmine group in the world; then, we use the highest purity (99.997%) of lead to produce lead-acid batteries. The purity of our lead is itself an oval standard. Also, we have our lead mine & smelting factory, plate factory & SLA battery assembling factory. So, we are not dependent on others to ensure the quality of our batteries. Thus, we produce high-quality batteries that meet global standards in terms of quality and innovation. Our high-quality products have increased our reputation in the global market. We take care of our pricing too. All our products come at a nominal price. All our products come with long life, durability and meet high standards.


Power Kingdom's products include


We make a number of products for multiple applications. Our VRLA batteries include 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, and 24V, and the capacity of our batteries range from 0.8 ah to 3000 ah. Our products have a variety of applications such as electricity, coal mines, railways, banks, ship buildings, UPS systems, toys, electric vehicles, gardening tools, baby carriers artificial lightings, emergency light, mechanical fans, etc. Apart from that, we are hoping for several new applications for our products.

The VRLA batteries are one of the leading products of the Power Kingdom. And our sealed battery is very much praised in the market and customers because of its high quality, excellent quality and favorable price. We also make solar power based batteries. Our products include:

· 2v 2000ah long life Vrla solar battery

· 12V 150ah UPS Battery Lead-acid battery

· 12V 7AH UPS Battery with Heat-sealed design

· Front Terminal 12V 100ah UPS Power supply battery

· High rate 12V 12ah UPS Battery

· 12V 100ah Deep Cycle Solar Battery

· 12V 200ah GEL Deep Cycle solar battery

· Sealed Gel Batteries GEL 12V 33ah UPS Battery

· Sealed AGM Battery GEL 12V 18ah UPS Battery


About Sealed lead-acid battery


The sealed lead-acid battery is one of our primary products. Its build quality is such that it ensures no electrolyte leakage. A phenomenal piece of innovation, our lead-acid battery is a masterpiece in power supply. Its poles made by mechanical operation, which can ensure no leakage. It also provides a longer life than other batteries available in the market. We have adopted advanced plate casters to produce a much thicker plate to ensure that its size remains compact. Its heat-sealed design maximizes it’s strength and rigidity, to prevent electrolytic leakage. From its construction point of view, you can say that it ensures no leakage of electrolyte. It’s sealed construction also ensures that it remains maintenance-free.

Its construction provides several features such as high-quality, high reliability, no maintenance, low-pressure venting system.

Also, our battery takes care of the environment. So, if you are environment-friendly, then you can use our products freely. It has a low self-discharge. Also, it is safe to use even if it flipped 90 degrees; in that condition too, it will give the same results. Also, it has a V0 class flame retardant ABS plastic case.


It provides several applications, such as:

· You can use it for emergency lighting.

· CAN be used in security system components to ensure continuous power supply.

· In a sightseeing cart ( provides that much power too )

· As a UPS

· In electric forklift

· In fire systems to ensure quick and interruption-free service.

· In communication equipment

· In marine equipment

· At railway stations

· In medical types of equipment

· In Power station components

· In data centers

· In the wind power system


VRLA Battery 


As we told you, the VRLA battery is our main feature product. We provide VRLA solar power battery, which meets the expectations of our customers at a nominal price ( though these kinds of products as considered expensive, we take care of the pricing too ).

Its rated capacity is 200ah. Also, we have ensured that it remains lightweight. Also, being lightweight doesn't compromise its power storage and power supply capacity. Its nominal capacity ranges from a 1-hour rate to 10 hours rate.

The VRLA battery is entirely environmentally friendly. It can be used in domestic as well as industrial places. Power Kingdom's VRLA Battery provides stable quality and high reliability, which is a much-required criterion in solar power supply systems.

It has a number of applications where uninterrupted power supply is required. The areas of use include artificial lighting, sound systems, mechanical cooling systems consuming low power, solar power storage systems, toys, etc. Apart from that, it has several other applications which depend upon the need of the customers.

It's the specific design, and protective coating ensures that there is no leakage, and it provides high durability. High strength is the critical point of our products. The power kingdom's VRLA battery can also call the synonym no quality and innovation.


Other features of Power Kingdom’s products


Power kingdom batteries provide high quality and high reliability. We ensure that our products meet global standards and ensure modern benchmarks. Our products are highly innovative and provide the best possible quality and capacity.

Since 2002, Power kingdom has been a top name in the battery industry, backed by 60 years of experience in our parent chain. Throughout the year power kingdom made several attempts to increase the areas of application of its products.

Our sealed lead acid battery and Vrla battery have given us much respect due to the quality of our products. The main feature of our products is that we provide batteries with zero electrolyte leakage, and our batteries can be used in almost all orientations. We ensure that our customers feel glad to use our products.

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