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Pre-sales service
Service on sale

The professional technicians of Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd provide users with online instruction from the installation of the whole machine and battery cabinet to the construction of the monitoring system, all services are based on customer satisfaction.

After-sales service

Purchase of UPS products can be guaranteed within the warranty period, all accessories are original products. Customers who are beyond the warranty period can still enjoy the excellent after-sales service of POWER KINGDOM.


2. Maintenance
The maintenance service provided by POWER KINGDOM allows users to use the full range of power products with peace of mind. During the warranty period, POWER KINGDOM will undertake all maintenance and repair work for the product. Lifetime maintenance, national global warranty

Technical service and warranty service plan

1 Technical Service Plan
1.1After the contract takes effect, it can provide comprehensive technical information to the relevant departments of the project part, and actively cooperate with the preparation work before the installation of the equipment.


1.2 Technical Service Support:
1.2.1 Training Service: Provide multiple training services free of charge, and invite you to participate in the training and maintenance technical training courses of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, and provide the latest product information, product quotations and Configuration information; conduct technical and business exchange meetings with you, provide free technical publications to you at any time, and provide you with the latest developments and future development directions of the industry at any time. You can come to the door for free training at any time.
1.2.2 Online instruction inspection: Power Kingdom offer online instruction service, the contents include the fixing of the battery rack, the cabinet (group screen), the storage of the battery, the connection of the battery, and the detection of the battery.
1.2.3 Unscheduled User Access: The POWER KINGDOM Customer Service Center will communicate and access users from time to time to understand the equipment usage and new user requirements in order to improve and meet the needs of users in a timely manner.


1.3 Technical Service Term
1.3.1. POWER KINGDOM guarantee all the services promised. Under the premise of correct use, due to quality problems caused by product design, manufacturing, and material defects, we promise to replace it free of charge during the warranty period.
1.3.2. In addition to the free service period, which is the paid service period, our company provides lifetime maintenance services directly by the company within the design life. In order to ensure the continuity of service delivery, we will charge some services for the service items. The service charge items are only the cost of spare parts, and guarantee all the services promised by this agreement and all standard services that are publicly available outside the agreement.


1.4. Support service methods and response standards
1.4.1. Support service mode: After receiving the request for maintenance and maintenance, the customer engineer of our company will first provide telephone support to the end user whose equipment has failed. If the telephone support cannot solve the problem, it should start to provide online video instruction service.
1.4.2 Response Standard: The acquirer or its customers can request the supplier to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After receiving the service request, our company should offer the online service within 24 hours.


1.5 warranty period service plan

1.5.1. Our company guarantees that the products supplied are brand new, unused and original qualified products, and guarantee that the goods provided have good performance within the service life under the correct installation, normal use and maintenance conditions.

1.5.2. Our company promises to implement the quality standards of the products supplied in accordance with the relevant national quality and technical standards and relevant laws, regulations and regulations, and supply them according to our company's quality assurance regulations and related supply standards. According to the current technical standards, raw materials are also supplied according to the current supply, so as to eliminate counterfeit and shoddy products.

1.5.3. Provide products that meet the design requirements and quality in strict accordance with the contract requirements.

1.5.4. Strictly control and inspect the quality of incoming raw materials and accessories.

1.5.5. The battery provided is guaranteed to be a product with perfect process, complete detection means and no defects.

1.5.6. Take full responsibility for the performance, packaging, transportation and technical support of the battery.

1.5.7. Provide relevant installation drawings and quality standards according to the contract to facilitate installation and use.

1.5.8. Check that the battery has quality defects and ensure that the customer is notified in a timely manner.

1.5.9 When the customer receives the goods and finds that the appearance defects and accessories are missing, our factory will be responsible for filling the missing parts and replacing the defective batteries as soon as possible.

1.5.10 Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the battery, we guarantee to provide perfect after-sales service, technical support and customer training.


1.6. Maintenance service data and data provision
Our company provides and regularly updates the maintenance service related data and materials:
1.6.1, Customer Service Network
After more than 20 years of rapid development, SHENZHEN POWER KINGDOM CO., LTD has spread all over the country and established a nationwide customer service network to

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