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KT Series Special battery for coal mine


Power Kingdom VRLA batteries include 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V and 24V, capacity from 0.8AH to 3000AH.

AGM Gel battery 2V & 12V,  7Ah~800Ah

Applications:   AGM Gel battery can only be used for standby power supplies, such as UPS & EPS, Automatic door system, Power tools, Telecommunications, Railway systems.

Compared to PS & PK series, AGM Gel battery is filled with Gel not Sulfuric, AGM Gel battery has wider operating temperature (-20℃-50℃)and more stable performance at lower/higher temperature.

Battery ModelNominal Voltage (V)Capacity (AH)Dimensions±2%(mm)Weight ±5%(kg)Terminal TypeSpecification (PDF File)
Discharge 20hr rate 1.75V/cellLengthWidthHeightTotal Height
GS7-1212715165941002.00 T1/T2
GS7.2-12127.215165941002.18 T1/T2
GS7.5-12127.515165941002.25 T1/T2
GS8-1212815165941002.35 T1/T2
GS12-12121215198941013.55 T2
GS18-121218181771651685.20 T10
GS20-121220181771651685.90 T10
GS25-1212251671761241277.40 T10
GS28-1212281671761241278.00 T10
Battery ModelNominal Voltage (V)Capacity (AH)Dimensions±2%(mm)Weight ±5%(kg)Terminal TypeSpecification(PDF File)
Discharge 10hr rate 1.80V/cellLengthWidthHeightTotal Height
GK33-1212331951301551669.70 T11
GK40-12124019716617017012.40 T11
GK45-12124519716617017013.80 T11
GK55-12125522913821121416.50 T12
GK65-12126535016718018020.00 T12
GK70-12127025916821121421.50 T12
GK75-12127525916821121423.00 T12
GK80-12128035016718018023.00 T12
GK90-12129030716821121426.50 T12
GK100-12B1210032817221722030.00 T12
GK100-12A129532817221722029.00 T12
GK120-121212040717722222535.00 T13
GK150-121215048516924024043.50 T13
GK150-12FT 1215055211128828843.50 T13
GK200-121220052223821822156.50 T13
GK250-121225052026822022367.00 T13
GL300-2230017115032936618.00 T14
GL800-2280041017633036551.00 T14
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