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The April 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong (Phase I) Shows

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The April 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong (Phase I) Shows

The April 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong (Phase I) Shows


Power Kingdom is a well-known battery manufacturer in China. We showcased a variety of specifications and models of lead-acid battery products at the 2023 Global Sources Hong Kong Shows (Phase I) in April. These batteries are designed to meet the growing demand for solar systems, UPS backup power, security systems, and other areas.

During the exhibition, Power Kingdom's booth attracted a lot of attention, with many visitors and professionals coming to learn about these products. The company's sales team showcased the characteristics and performance of the batteries, provided detailed technical and application information about the batteries, and answered various questions from visitors, gaining the trust and praise of customers.

Power Kingdom has always been committed to innovation and the development of high-quality battery products, providing customers with high-quality services and support. We enhance our competitiveness in the battery market and provide customers with high-performance and reliable power solutions through continuous innovation and research and development.

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