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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Cycle Battery

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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Cycle Battery

Everything You Need to Know About Deep Cycle Battery


The deep cycle batteries, as we can tell by the name, are designed to deliver continuous power and to be regularly discharged to their maximum capacity. Thus, they would be the most suitable batteries to get for your wheelchair, scooter, golf carts, forklifts and etc.

In as short comparison, high-rate starter batteries (automotive and powersports) are designed to deliver short and high voltage currents, whereas deep-cycle ones have a lot more benefits and can be used as a starter too.

Deep cycle batteries can be discharged at around 45-80% of its capacity, however in order to prolong its life it would be best to discharge it no more than 50%. Those type of batteries usually allow around 300-350 cycles. They are rated in AH or minutes of runtime. The capacity is normally rated as a 5 HR (hour) or 20HR discharge. Their anatomy shows, they are constructed with thicker plates for higher density, active paste material and thicker separators. The alloys, that are used for the plates may contain more antimony, than the ones in starting batteries. We can also add that thicker battery plates are more resistant to corrosion, through extended charge and discharge cycles.

Usually, your deep-cycle battery would last around 5 years however, the good maintenance is what would ensure you its maximum performance. In particular, below are some tips:

·         Keeping them watered on the appropriate level

·         Prevent from discharging them more than 50% of their total capacity

·         Having the appropriate charger in place

We could for sure state that deep cycle batteries would be the perfect choice for an application that needs continuous power for a longer period. Here at PowerKingdom, we have a wide range of wheelchair and scooter batteries, as well as GEL and SLA. If you need further assistance for choosing a battery, please contact us and our advisors would be more than happy to guide you.

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