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PS Battery


Power Kingdom PS series are general purpose sealed lead acid battery with 5 years' designed life in float service.



• Stable quality & High Reliability


• Sealed Construction and Maintenance-free


• Environment friendly


• Low Pressure Venting System


• Low Self Discharge


• Safe use when flipping the battery 90 degrees


• Optional V0 class flame retardant ABS plastic case





Power Kingdom PS series are general purpose VRLA batteries with capacity ranging from 0.8AH to 28AH.

The PS series have been designed with AGM (absorbent glass mat) techonology to ensure superior performance and reliability.These products have been specially engineered for use in general purpose float and light cyclic applications including UPS equipments,fire and security systems,emergency lighting system, electric tool, toys, medical equipments, telecom system, railway system, solar power system, wind power system etc.

A number of our general purpose VRLA batteries are VdS approved.VdS is one of the world's leading inspection and certification companies in the fire protection and security industry.


Battery ModelNominal Voltage(V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions±2%(mm)Weight±5%(kg)Terminal TypeSpecification (PDF File)
Discharge 10hr
rate 1.75V/cell
LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
PS3.5-24243.51857370702.35 Cable
PS4.5-24244.5140901031082.70 T1/T2
PS5-24245140901031083.00 T1/T2
PS4.5-444.547471011060.46 T1
PS10-4410102.544.5951010.93 T2
PS1.2-661.2972452580.27 T1-A
PS2.8-662.86633971030.56 T1-A
PS3.2-6C63.2125.533.560660.62 T1-A
PS3.2-6B63.2134.53560660.65 T1-A
PS4-66470471001060.63 T1/T2
PS4.5-664.570471001060.70 T1/T2
PS5-66570471001060.77 T1/T2
PS5-6L651703570760.85 T1
PS6-66670471001060.90 T1/T2
PS7-66715134.594.5100.51.00 T1/T2
PS7.5-667.515134.594.5100.51.10 T1/T2
PS8-66815134.594.5100.51.20 T1/T2
PS9-66998561151151.42 T1
PS10-661015150951011.50 T1/T2
PS12-661215150951011.65 T1/T2
PS14-6614108701411412.26 Cable
PS14-6B614108701411412.26 +T2,-T1
PS0.8-12120.896.525.561.561.50.36 Cable
PS1.2-12121.297.543.552.5580.52 T1-A
PS2-1212217834.561.5670.83 T1-A
PS2.6-12122.470.548981040.86 T1-A
PS2.8-12122.81323397.51041.10 T1-A
PS2.9-12122.979561001061.05 T1-A
PS3-12123134.56860661.20 T1-A
PS3.2-12123.2134.56860661.30 T1-A
PS4-1212490701001061.23 T1/T2
PS4.5-12124.590701001061.36 T1/T2
PS5-1212590701001061.50 T1/T2
PS5.5-12125.51515193991.60 T1/T2
PS7-12ZB1271515193991.86 T1/T2
PS6-12125.815165941001.80 T1/T2PS6-12
PS6.5-12126.515165941001.95 T1/T2
PS7-1212715165941002.00 T1/T2PS7-12
PS7.2-12127.215165941002.05 T1/T2
PS7.5-12127.515165941002.18 T1/T2
PS8-1212815165941002.35 T1/T2
PS8.5-12128.515165941002.40 T1/T2
PS9-1212915165941002.60 T1/T2
PS10-12121015198951013.00 T2
PS12-12121215198951013.27 T2
PS13-12121315198951013.77 T2
PS14-12121415198951013.88 T2
PS15-121215181771651654.40 T3/T10
PS17-121217181771651654.90 T3/T10
PS18-121218181771651655.00 T3/T10
PS18.5-121218.5181771651655.20 T3/T10
PS20-121220181771651655.60 T3/T10
PS22-121222181771651656.30 T3/T10
PS24-121224181771711716.90 T22
PS25-1212251671761241247.40 T3-24/T10
PS28-1212281671761241248.00 T3-24/T10
PS28-12S12281651251751788.80 T3/T10

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