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PL Battery

pl series vrla battery

Power Kingdom PL series of VRLA batteries are general purpose battery with 15 years design life in float service



• High capacity and long service life VRLA battery


• Heavy duty grids


• Thicker plates


• Special additives


• High energy utilization


• Excellent performance in high rate discharge


• Wide Operating Temperature Range(-15℃~+45℃)


• No need of balanced charge or boost


• Low self discharge


• Explosion proof


• Environment friendly





Power Kingdom PL series are general purpose VRLA batteries with capacity ranging from 100AH to 3000AH.

Utlizing a special lead calcium alloy and high purify additive Power Kingdom PL series ensures long life of battery.High purify electrolyte and additive make battery low self dischage.Valve regulated and sealed configuration, no dissociative acid, manintenance free operation, good consistency and no need uniform charge. With proven AGM technology and a thick plate design the PL series have been developed to provide a long service life in critical standby power applications including electric power equipment, telecommunications and railway equipments.


We adopt new grid design to lower internal resistance, which improve battery energy utilization and extending the operating life. We strictly implement 73 production processes from raw materials to the finishes.


Battery ModelNominal Voltage(V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions±2%(mm)Weight±5%(kg)Terminal TypeSpecification (PDF File)
Discharge 10hr
rate 1.80V/cell
PL100-22100170722052085.70 T14
PL150-221501721022052288.20 T14
PL200-2220017211132936612.00 T14
PL300-2230017115032936617.00 T14
PL350-2235017115032936619.60 T14
PL400-2240021117632936623.50 T14
PL450-2245021117632936627.50 T14
PL500-2250024117233036627.50 T14
PL600-2260030117533036633.50 T14
PL800-2280041017633036547.00 T14
PL1000-22100047517532936556.00 T14
PL1200-22120047517532936566.00 T14
PL1500-22150040035034138290.50 T14
PL2000-222000491351344383112.00 T14
PL3000-223000712353341382168.00 T14

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