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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
Valve control type sealed lead acid battery by positive and negative plate, diaphragm, electrolyte, safety valve, shell and other parts. In this cathode absorption valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, negative plate total more than 15% of the positive active material and the anode has enough, when the battery anode has not yet been to 90% of capacity, therefore, under normal circumstances, the anode can produce oxygen, while negative won't produce compound of hydrogen. Battery indicator electromotive force and internal resistance, voltage, discharge rate, charging rate, the end of cycle life. ( 1) Battery electromotive force ( e) 。 ( 2) Battery internal resistance ( r) 。 ( 3) Voltage: the end of discharge to the voltage of the battery fell sharply when the critical voltage, such as more discharge will damage the battery, battery terminal voltage is called the end of the voltage at this time. Different discharge rates have different discharge voltage, the end of u = 1. 66 + 0. 0175 h, h for the discharge of hourly rate, discharge rate for 1 hour, u = l. 66 + 0. 0175× 1 = 1. 68 v, such as the rate discharge in 10 hours, u = 1. 66 + 0. 0175× 10 = 1. 835v。 ( 4) Discharge rate: under certain conditions, the battery discharge to speed voltage, called the end of the discharge rate. The size of the discharge current, with the time ratio and current ratio. Usually in 10 hours rate as the discharge current. Within 10 h in put to the end of the capacity of the battery voltage. Battery capacity, the size of the changes with the size of the discharge rate, discharge rate is lower than the normal discharge rate, the larger capacity, can be obtained and vice capacity reduces. ( 5) Rate of charge: the battery under certain conditions, the size of the charging current is called charge rate. Rate of common charge rate is 10 hours, that is, the charging time after 10 h, to reach the charging period. When shorten the charging time, charging current must increase, on the other hand, the charging current can be reduced. ( 6) Cycle life: experience a battery charging and discharging, is called a cycle. Batteries are cycle times referred to as the cycle life.
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