The role of battery in UPS system

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

  UPS2000-G series UPS adopts online double conversion technology, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high density and high reliability. It is an ideal power supply guarantee for high-quality power protection of telecommunication systems, file servers, enterprise servers, central servers, microcomputers, hubs, and data centers. It can be widely used in many key business areas such as telecommunications, finance, networks, securities, and transportation.

  High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

   In online mode, 6kVA efficiency reaches 94%, 10kVA efficiency reaches 94.5%, 15kVA/20kVA efficiency reaches 95 %, the highest efficiency in the industry. UPS2000-G10kVA became the first batch of products in the world and the first in the Asia-Pacific region to obtain the 'Energy Star' certification, and UPS2000-G15kVA/20kVA obtained the British ECA certification. [Industry 6kVA/10kVA efficiency is 90%-93%, 15kVA/20kVA efficiency is 90%-94%; 'Energy Star' shows that this series meets international energy-saving standards and is more environmentally friendly. ECA certification can help customers reduce taxes and save Electricity fees, application for interest-free loans, reduction of carbon emission taxes, etc.]

   output pf can reach 0.9, suitable for capacitive and inductive loads, and has strong carrying capacity. [Add more load to the new server]

  High density, as required

  High power density, 2U10kVA, 3U20kVA, the highest power density in the industry

   compatible rack/tower installation [switch to different installation methods as needed]

   The same model supports multiple voltage formats, 10kVA supports three-in-one, one-out, and 15kVA/20kVA supports three-in, three-out, three-in-one, and one-out.

  Highly available and flexible Intelligenc

  Failure warning of key components such as bus capacitor, fan, battery [by Post-maintenance is changed to pre-maintenance, which reduces the risk of loss and saves maintenance costs]

  One SNMP card or Modbus card can manage multiple UPS systems [saves investment in monitoring cards , It facilitates the management of distributed power, and completely eliminates the risk of all equipment downtime due to power outages when using a centralized system]

  Adaptive parallel function, 6kVA-20kVAUPS Support four parallel computers [LCD can monitor the screen to control the parallel function, LCD supports five languages u200bu200bto meet the needs of customers in different regions, user-friendly]

   The input voltage range can be in It fluctuates in the range of 80-280Vac, and the input frequency range can fluctuate in the range of 40-70Hz, which is suitable for extreme power grids [wide voltage output range solves the problem of grid voltage frequency jump, and the frequency is unstable when the generator is connected. 'Cause the problem of jump battery, the overall reliability of the system is earlier].

   In the independent mode, the load can be protected by step-by-step power protection, which can increase the user’s important load and make it longer and more reliable protection (when overload When, cut off the secondary load first, reduce the number of jumps, and improve the reliability of the system power).

   There is no lightning box, and the 5KA lightning protection is realized through the internal circuit. [Competitors generally only support surge protection. Compared with other models, the UPS system can withstand stronger voltage and current shocks to minimize the risk of power outages. Contact: 1803838279


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