The problem of choosing storage battery in UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Battery selection and purchase in UPS power supply

   We all know that UPS power supply consists of the following five parts. The first part is the main circuit, bypass circuit, battery and other power input circuits; the second is the rectifier for AC/DC conversion; the third is the inverter for DC/AC conversion; the fourth is the inverter and Bypass output switch circuit; the last part is the battery.

  Battery plays a key role in UPS power supply. In addition to the function of storing direct DC energy, it is like connecting a large container capacitor to a rectifier. The equivalent capacity of the battery is directly proportional to the capacity of the energy storage battery. Therefore, understanding the battery usage, maintenance, procurement methods and other related issues is very important to the protection of UPS power supply. The following mainly introduces the relevant equipment-related information that needs to be paid attention to when purchasing a battery backup system. First of all, the duration of UPS battery power supply, because when market forces are unstable or interrupted, this directly determines the use time of the equipment. Second, whether the UPS provides a warning system to the server when using backup power. Third, there are related issues such as battery life and performance degradation over time. Finally, when the battery can no longer provide backup power, the device issues a warning. Contact: 18038382979


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