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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
Under the condition of the battery cars, open headlight, reading lamp, radio, and capacity of 35 ah battery in about 3 hours, working hours and 45 ah capacity battery working time can be a little bit longer, between 3 to 4 hours. The higher the volume of the radio or CD, the greater the power, so the battery power usage time, consider the problem. In addition, the life of the battery is usually 2 to 3 years, so the battery of new and old also affects the length of the continuous power supply time. If the user to add some electric equipment, which were not as subwoofer, etc. , can cause too much use of storage battery. He warned that the owner, if the old battery, it is best not to work more than 2 hours. Maintenance of storage battery, say well maintenance personnel, in car maintenance, it is very important also to maintain the battery, if the use of bad habit, will shorten the service life of the battery or damage. General battery available two to three years. But if you are using is not reasonable, 3 to 4 months, may be replaced. Nowadays, more and more car electric equipment, so the owner in the use of these electric equipment, try not to let the battery overload. Power Windows and skylights, for example, the owner should be completed before the engine off its lifting and shut down, because if the engine off, will stop electricity, then lift the window again will increase the load on the battery, easy to cause damage to battery. Headlights, too, if you want to shut down, there is no special necessary, should first close the headlight, and then shut down, start the car at night time should also start again after open headlight, first try to reduce the damage to the battery. If the engine stops working conditions for battery work, be sure to prevent battery lost electricity, because if the loss of electricity is easy to cause the damage of the accumulator. Now there is a kind of technology can repair the damaged battery, adopts pulse charging technology which will activate battery electrolyte, still can continue to use. But if losing electricity, battery will be scrapped in advance. Will always give battery charging, then, how to judge the battery to charge, not let the battery in a state of loss of electricity. Maintenance personnel are really unable to judge. Can't rely on the brightness of the headlights or the strength of the stereo sound to determine the working state of the battery, if wait until the brightness of the light dark, by that time the battery would have entered into a state of loss of electricity, the car is definitely & other; Paralysis & throughout; Unable to start. In order to guarantee the normal work of the battery, don't let the cars & other; Paralysis & throughout; , the owner is best in every half an hour when using battery, start the engine to recharge a battery. When the battery power consumption, should with what method to start the car? Maintenance personnel recommended three methods: carts start, traction start and lap. The former two ways suitable for manual models. He speaks, carts start is the most familiar is the most effective method of emergency start, but it is a necessary means, can't use, because doing so for the engine and clutch has certain damage. Methods and principles of traction start with cart started the same. And lap to start is to use with a battery of the lap joint methods to start the other vehicles.
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