The development of 12V battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
The battery design life provided by the battery manufacturer is the theoretical value under specific conditions and cannot be equal to the actual service life. The actual service life is closely related to the use conditions (ambient temperature, depth of discharge, frequency of power failure, battery management, etc.), and there is a certain difference or even a far cry from the design life.   The development of domestic access network supporting 12V batteries. At present, most of the 12V batteries supporting access network are built into the lowermost layer of the main equipment cabinet. Daily maintenance of the access network sometimes neglects the inspection of the battery. From the perspective of battery maintenance, the following factors need to be paid attention to when selecting and matching batteries:   1. Battery performance-price ratio In areas with unsatisfactory use environment and remote traffic locations, equipment reliability (quality performance) is the primary consideration, and price factor Secondly (within the range of reasonable battery performance-price ratio);   2, 2V battery selection is based on the actual use requirements of the access network, in accordance with the YD/T799-2002 standard, and the corresponding selection specifications for the battery are formulated;   3. Bundling of main and auxiliary equipment (Integrated) Supporting method Due to the decentralized construction of the access network, the workload of engineering installation and maintenance is relatively large, and some equipment has built-in batteries. In general, the integration of main and auxiliary equipment should be the preferred solution; 4. Optimizing the 12V battery configuration From the perspective of the battery configuration design of the overseas key project, 'dividing the design capacity into two' is the mainstream trend, which can improve the system power supply safety. For example, 48V 200A·h, using two sets of 48V 100A·h in parallel, which is more reliable than one set of 48V 200A·h.
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