The battery pack is easy to cause battery failure during use

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The battery pack is composed of a certain number of single cells in series, and there may be hundreds to thousands of charging and discharging during use. The charge and discharge parameter detection and control of the battery pack charging and discharging distributed control system has good real-time performance, strong anti-interference and easy to upgrade. It can improve the reliability of the DC power supply system, reduce the labor intensity of the staff, and reduce the blindness of maintenance work. In the early centralized collection and detection methods, there are many wirings, long lines, waste of manpower and material resources, and easy introduction of interference. At the same time, the CAN bus has multiple master nodes, high reliability and good scalability, which make the system have better control performance and wide range. Application prospects.  Each single battery overcharge, overdischarge or underdischarge can easily cause battery failure, and the failure of a single battery can also cause failure and damage to the entire battery pack. Therefore, online real-time detection of the charging and discharging voltage of each single battery in the battery pack, the temperature rise during charging and discharging, and the charging and discharging current, voltage and other parameters of the entire battery pack, in time to find out the damaged or significantly reduced battery, which is useful for extending The service life of the battery pack, reducing the cost, especially improving the reliability of the DC power supply system are very important.
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