Routine maintenance of batteries and precautions

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  Routine maintenance

   Regularly (once every three months) check or operate the running battery as follows:

   battery pack The total voltage, if there is a difference with the specified voltage value, please correct it;

  cell voltage;

  environment temperature and The surface temperature of the battery;

  The connection line of each part of the battery pack is fastened. If there is looseness, fasten it;

   Whether the appearance of the battery is abnormal;

   Whether the battery terminal connection line is clean.

   Replace the battery with the following abnormal conditions and contact our company:

  The battery shell is broken;

   battery leakage;

   the charging voltage of a single battery is abnormal (too high or too low, lower than the average value or higher than the average value of 0.15V/ Single cell;

  Single battery is overheated.

  Precautions for use

  Do not disassemble or modify the battery;

  Do not put the battery in water or fire;

  Connect the battery During the assembly process, please wear insulated gloves;

  Do not install, use or store the battery where children can touch;

  Do not mix batteries of different brands, different capacities, voltages, and old and new batteries in series;

   There is sulfuric acid in the battery. If the battery is mechanically damaged, the sulfuric acid splashes on the skin When clothes or even eyes, please wash them immediately with plenty of water or go to the hospital for treatment.

  Battery storage

  Please Store the battery in a cool and dry place.


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