Protection measures for batteries in wet weather

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Label: Protection measures for storage batteries in wet weather Qingming season, the rainy season comes, especially in the southern weather, the rainy season is constant, and it is wet everywhere. However, the storage and use environment of the battery must be in a dry, clean, and ventilated environment, so how do we protect the battery from the weather in this humid environment? 1. Try not to open windows in the room where the battery pack is installed. Some ventilation equipment should be selected indoors, such as exhaust fans and air conditioners. If the humidity is serious, a dehumidifier can be arranged if conditions permit. Make the indoor environment dry. 2. If there is water on the surface of the battery, immediately turn off the power, take self-protective measures, and then wipe with a dry cloth to avoid leakage or short circuit. 3. It is best to change shoes when entering and leaving the battery room to avoid bringing water into the room and causing moisture. Not to mention umbrellas and raincoats. Water can conduct electricity, and I hope you pay attention to safety when using the power supply.
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