Lead-acid regenerated lead

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
Demand for car starter batteries has grown steadily, and prices have fallen. Benefiting from the continuous growth of automobile sales and the expansion of the base number of stocks, the growth rate of starter battery demand can be maintained at more than 10%. Starter batteries are divided into supporting and maintenance markets. The supporting market is dominated by five first-tier manufacturers. The competition pattern is stable, but the price is low and the profitability is weak. The maintenance market is very fragmented and fully competitive, but the price is high and the gross profit margin is relatively high. The level is above 20%. Due to the massive recovery of production capacity in the industry in 2012, starting batteries have fallen back to before the price increase. Taking into account the steady growth of demand and the competitive strategies and profitability of major manufacturers, the probability of maintaining stable prices of first-line brand batteries in the future is relatively high.   Communications 4G construction has accelerated, and the industry reshuffle has prompted battery prices to stabilize and rise. Since 2013, the construction of communication 4G has begun to accelerate. It is expected that communication investment will increase by close to double digits in the next two years, and communication batteries will also usher in a relatively high growth. The quality of communication battery products has prompted the industry to shuffle, and battery prices have bottomed out. The profitability of enterprises has shown an upward trend. In the future, leading communication batteries are expected to usher in both volume and price increases.   The demand for power batteries is stable, and the price war continues. The slowdown in demand for electric bicycles, the gradual replacement of lithium batteries, and the expansion competition of the two oligarchs of Tianneng and Chaowei have led to a deteriorating competitive environment in the power battery market, and the shadow of price wars lingers. The current gross profit margin of power batteries is around 22%. Although the short-term peak season has ushered in a slight price increase, the pressure of price reduction after the peak season is still relatively large.   Lead battery giants get involved in battery recycling and regenerated lead business, which will become an important direction for the development of the industry. In order to promote low-carbon and clean production in the lead-acid battery industry, the 'Entry Requirements for Lead-acid Battery Industry' advocates the implementation of the extended producer responsibility system for lead-acid battery enterprises, encourages lead-acid battery manufacturers to use sales channels to establish recycling systems, and cooperate with qualified secondary lead enterprises Cooperation to form a complete lead-acid battery production and recycling system.
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