Lead-acid battery industry technology upgrade

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
There is a century-old technical problem in the lead-acid battery industry, that is, some important performance indicators of batteries contradict each other, and they rise and fall.   Liquid electrolytes have gone through a century and a half of evolutionary history, and colloidal electrolytes have also gone through decades of evolutionary history, but they have not fundamentally solved the technical contradictions of batteries.   Transform technical contradictions into physical contradictions: that is, the contradiction between the improvement of technical performance of liquid electrolyte and the improvement of environmental protection performance of colloidal electrolyte. Then use the time separation principle in TRIZ to solve this physical contradiction, let the electrolyte be a liquid when working, and a colloid when it is still; break the industry thinking from the innovative thinking, seek new evolutionary routes from the law of innovation, and innovative methods To achieve the functional requirements proposed by the new evolutionary route. Specifically, this type of battery generally uses two electrolytes. When liquid electrolytes are used, high current charge and discharge, specific energy and other indicators are good, but the environmental performance and life performance are poor; when gel electrolytes are used, lead-acid batteries are environmentally friendly , Life performance has been improved, but indicators such as high current charge and discharge, specific energy have dropped.
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