Lead-acid batteries are widely used in ships

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

Lead-acid batteries are widely used in ships, through the reversible conversion of chemical energy and electrical energy to achieve electrical energy output. It has the characteristics of large capacity, simple maintenance of ship batteries, and reliable operation. It is widely used as an energy source for emergency equipment in ships. It is one of the important equipment of ships. However, if the working battery of the ship is in the wrong battery charging state for a long time, it will make the battery pole piece inside prematurely and greatly reduce its volume, which is not easy to appear under normal circumstances. However, the container battery is the key power device on the emergency machine equipment. It is not easy to find bad batteries that are easy to find. When running the first-level application, the fragility of the container battery will prevent the machine equipment from major common failures. , The price of the container battery 12v26 has become some cases. Generally speaking, the maintenance and maintenance of marine motor batteries often lack the need for high attention, that is, high attention does not necessarily have a clear understanding of the emergency management repair amount after the lead-acid battery is generated, and the actual operation. Speaking of these aspects, if the motor can have some inspiration, it will be beneficial to the maintenance of marine batteries.

1. Lead-acid battery

1. Lack of electrolyte. Due to excessive volatilization of pure water or pure water or accidental discharge of battery electrolyte, the liquid level is too low, and the upper exposure level of the electrode plate results in the upper end of the electrode plate.

2. The battery electrolyte is poor. Generally speaking, unqualified electrolyte is used, so that the battery will be scrapped in about a year.

3. The battery cannot be charged or discharged because the charge and discharge capacity is too large or the current is too small.

4. Lack of time and time for battery charging or battery charging is often insufficient, and the residual lead sulfate in certain chemicals cannot be recovered.

5. The relative density of the electrolyte is too high or the temperature is too high or too low.

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