Benefit from long-term low price hovering 6 - lead-acid battery shares is expected to rise-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
According to the first financial daily, Beijing gold hundred million dabo technology development co. , LTD ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Golden yida & throughout; ) A person is introduced, lead-acid battery is made up of plate, plate, shell, lead, electrolyte, lead connection, the material such as a column, the lead alone accounts for over 70% of the lead-acid battery raw material costs, some companies even reached 80%, thus lead price fluctuation directly affect the lead-acid battery enterprise's profit. Over the years, lead metal prices have been wandering in the trough. Lead prices in October 2007 was once more than 26000 yuan/ton, but since then the rapid decline, at the end of 2008 reached its lowest point fashion of less than 10000 yuan/ton. In 2012, the spot price is volatile. Early hong-jie li said that while the domestic spot price reached 16000 yuan/ton the key position, but since then, the European debt crisis continued fermentation, the slow economic recovery in the United States, China's economic growth is slowing, these factors are the lead metal compression requirements. Countries for environmental rectification of the lead battery overweight again, is to lead demand. Due to frequent blood lead paint event, in May 2011, the country began an unprecedented lead enterprise big purge, 80% more than 2000 national lead-acid battery enterprises were ordered to shut down. On July 1, 2012, 'the lead battery industry access conditions', carrying out the file set a lot of barriers to entry, will be a large number of unqualified lead-acid battery small screen in the outside, indirect compress the lead metals demand. Under a series of factors, the domestic price from the start fallen this year, in June, once fell to a low of 14600 yuan/ton. “ Last year's average price in 16382 yuan/ton, Shanghai spot lead so far this year only 15370 yuan/ton, the difference among the 1000 multivariate. ” Hong-jie li said that price this year as a whole is low, this for the rest of the lead-acid battery enterprise is very beneficial to remain profitable.
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