Battery-Can a part of the DC screen battery be replaced?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  A customer asked the following question: Can the DC battery be replaced? 'DC screen is also one of the more common electrical equipment in power stations or substations. The DC panel provides power control loads and DC incidents for electrical loads and lighting loads. It is an important equipment for modern power system control and protection. The DC screen is composed of a charging cabinet, a charging module, a monitoring module, a battery pack and a ladder silicon chain. It has the characteristics of high reliability and high intelligence.

  DC battery can be replaced

   let's talk about the DC screen The battery part, the battery used by the DC screen, is also a valve-controlled, maintenance-free lead-acid battery, which corresponds to the Ritz battery, which is a series of fixed energy storage batteries. It is widely used in equipment such as UPS uninterruptible power supply, DC screen, communication power supply lamp, etc. It has extremely high stability and safety, and can achieve the effect of life-long maintenance. In terms of service life, it is currently the most popular lead-acid battery, if it is gelatinous, the service life is more than 12 years.

   Then, can DC batteries be partially replaced? We know that the DC shielded battery is made up of 18 batteries in series. According to the test equipment, the customer found that 3 of the batteries are no longer working properly. We want to replace 3 of the batteries and ask if it is feasible?

   Liugong Company puts forward the following suggestions: The warranty period of the battery below 24AH is 1 year, that is, the design life of the low-capacity small compact battery itself is a one-year cycle. In this way, the emergence of the problem battery has reached its service life. If three of the batteries are used instead, if the first 15 old and old batteries are retained due to changes in current and resistance between the new and old batteries during use, the current and resistance have changed. It is easy to reduce the stability and safety of the entire battery pack. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the entire team.

   After listening to the customer’s technical agreement, he actively replaced the entire battery pack. Soon, the customer's equipment started working again. Contact: 18038382979


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