Batteries can't be used like this all the time

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

  After discussing the impact of driving habits on the battery, let’s take a look at how to maintain the battery.

  Driving habits are different. Some people cherish the car, and the driving habit at 1:00 will be good. Some people don’t care about the car and the driving habit is not very good. Some people are not only safe to drive, but also easy to replace large parts within two years.

  The battery of a car has been used for 3 to 5 years, but different usage conditions will also lead to different battery life. Today, let us talk about the relationship between car usage habits and batteries, and see if your car habits will have a great impact on the car.

   When the car is running, the battery is in a charged state when the driver is running, but after the car is turned off, the battery is in a discharged state. If you continue to use it for a long time, the battery will drain. The power will dry up, which may cause the car to fail to start, and the power consumption is a loss to the battery itself.

   Don’t drive for a long time.

  Closed multimedia before flameout

   After the car broke down, it was still using electricity.

   There is no problem with the air conditioner under driving conditions, but remember to turn off the air conditioner before turning off the flame, otherwise the air conditioner will be activated next time, and the brake activation will cause a lot of damage to the car’s battery. The load will cause a certain amount of wear in a long period of time. In summer, the correct method should be to turn off the A/C button before turning off the flame. The heating system in winter does not need to open the A/C key, so it is best to turn off the heating system in winter.

  Forget to turn off the air conditioner before turning off the flame

   After the car reaches the destination, the multimedia equipment in the car should be turned off before it is turned off. The air conditioning should also be turned off. In this way, the car's battery will receive a certain amount of protection, and it can save 1 point of electricity, which is an energy-saving problem.

   This happens when the car is idle. The car will not start for a long time, and the battery will be in a discharged state. If it is not started for three months, the battery will dry up, and it will be a bit painful next time I want to start the car. Idling a car is not a kind of shelter, but a kind of wear. When the car is idle for a long time, a series of preparations need to be done, such as disconnecting the battery or starting the car regularly. Contact: 18038382979


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