Tips for battery maintenance.

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The battery is mainly responsible for starting the car engine and supplying power to the in-car electronic control system to ensure the normal operation of the car. When the power is not supplied, the generator is installed on the engine to charge it, and when the engine is not working, it supplies power to the electronic control system.   (1) When starting the engine, it provides the starter with a strong starting current (generally as high as 200-600A).   (2) When the generator is overloaded, it can assist the generator to supply power to the electrical equipment.   (3) When the engine is idling, supply power to the electrical equipment.  (4) When the voltage at the generator terminal is higher than the electromotive force of the lead-acid battery, part of the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy and stored, that is, for charging.   Battery maintenance tips.   First of all, it is about the use of batteries. The driver should not use the battery excessively. It is recommended that each start should not exceed 5 seconds, and the interval between the second start and the first start should be greater than 10 seconds, which can effectively protect the battery. Of course, I also remind everyone to pay attention to saving electricity, such as turning off the lights and electrical appliances when leaving the car, which can save energy and protect the battery.  Secondly, it is about the battery installation, not only to ensure that the battery is installed securely, but also to be checked regularly to prevent the battery from bursting due to the blockage of the vent. It is recommended that the driver check the exhaust holes frequently to prevent the above problems. Finally, the driver should fully charge the battery if the car is not used for a long time. At the same time, it is also recommended that the driver start the car once every month or so to keep the battery alive. start up.
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