Theft of heavy battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
Holding the key to open the door of the mobile communication base station, the three men tinkered for a while, and lifted the 'big guy' out of the room, but they hardly attracted the attention of the people around them-by pretending to be a staff member, three Since March this year, a man has stolen multiple batteries from 10 mobile communication base stations in Jimei, Huli, Tongan and other places. Recently, a theft gang composed of three suspects of theft and a suspect of stolen stolen goods was arrested by Jimei police.  The main function of these stolen batteries is to maintain the operation of mobile communication base stations as a backup power source in emergency situations such as lightning or emergency repairs. The Jimei Criminal Criminal Investigation Squadron, who handled the case, said that the cost of this battery is very expensive. The price of a battery is about 60,000 yuan. However, these thieves sell the stolen goods at the price of selling waste. It's 4,000 yuan   It is understood that the first stolen base station was located on the top floor of a factory building in Central Asia City, Jimei. On March 10 this year, the police received an alarm. Through investigation, the police found that the base station was actually stolen on March 6. In fact, most of the stolen base stations have such a problem: after being 'ransackedThis is not unrelated to the suspect's modus operandi: almost all of them who have the base station key 'work' in broad daylight, but it is not easy to cause suspicion. As for where these keys came from, the police found through investigation that the principal culprit, Huimou, had actually worked in a company related to a communications company. Basically, it can be said that this was a case of a “ex-employee” stealing an “old company”.   Fortunately, none of these stolen base stations failed after the incident.   According to the police, since March, the three-person gang has stolen more than a dozen batteries, causing losses of at least 600,000 yuan.   Their 'last vote' took place in Tong'an. Through monitoring and comparison and a series of investigations, finally, three burglars were ambushed in a rental house in Tong'an and arrested by police nearby, and the consignors were also arrested in Xiang'an. Most of these stolen batteries are sold at low prices to battery manufacturers in other provinces for refurbishment. At present, the police are investigating the case further.
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