The correct use of battery - ten method-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-19
First, the first to identify the letters on the battery, when buying a battery with QA letters for dry charge battery. Second, add electrolyte when first will be added to battery electrolyte shake well before, and pay attention do not use the electrolyte splash on the hands and clothes. Third, there is no marker of storage battery, the electrolyte to the above plate 10 to 15 mm; There are two red line of the battery, the electrolyte shall not exceed the top line. Some drivers think electrolyte and the more the greater the power, this is wrong. When the car in high speed, the generator speed is higher; Its capacity is greater than the accumulator, and began to recharge the battery, the electrolyte will expand, if the electrolyte is too full of will overflow from the battery cover holes. The electrolyte is conductive, once the electrolyte flow between positive and negative poles will form the self-discharge, car won't start, and shorten the battery life. In the situation of using cotton silk will wipe the electrolyte, such as too sticky is not easy to erase, the application of water flushing rub-up. Fourth, don't let other material into the battery charging, if there is any material blend to go to, don't use metal material to make, the application of dry sticks out impurities, such as wire or copper wire hook, metal molecules will be under the corrosion of hydrophobic acid into the battery self-discharge formation, damage to the battery. Fifth, the normal driving often should check whether the battery cover the holes in the ventilation, if battery cover holes blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen to not go out, electrolyte expands, the battery shell burst, reduce battery life. Sixth, often should check the electrolyte level, and in a timely manner to add electrolyte. In the winter to add supplementary fluid within the battery, the best in the car starts, join when engine is running, avoid rabbit electrolyte to freeze. Seventh, long-term unused auto car should be started at intervals of about 25 days, with the hand throttle control medium speed about 20 minutes, otherwise put too long, such as the car will not be able to start the car. , 8 will be removed from the car battery, should first open the cathode to the anode, while the contrary. Must under the battery cover screw, when charging can't use with open hand close to mouth is charging the battery, because of the formation of hydrogen in the battery when charging easily deflagration, fry bad battery, the electrolyte will also hurt. Ninth, not to give the car to replace than the original battery of large capacity battery, because the car generator is fixed, electricity will not increase, such as the large capacity battery will make new battery insufficient filling electricity, the car does not start smoothly, battery long kui electricity bad faster. The tenth, every time when start a car start time is not more than 3 & ndash; 5 seconds, start again intervals not less than 15 seconds, such as multiple launch is still not a car, from starting circuit, such as suction ignition coil and starter circuit and other ways to find the reason.
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