Rules for the safe use of long-life batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

  1. Before using the long-life battery before use


  After the battery arrives, please check the outer packing box for any abnormalities:


When the battery arrives at the place of use, check the appearance of the battery (whether there is acid leakage or rupture), whether the number of batteries is correct, and whether the accessories are complete.


  Secondly, the installation and use of long-life batteries


   Do not use batteries in confined spaces or places with fire sources ;


  Do not use vinyl film plastic, which may cause static electricity to cover the battery, and the resulting static electricity may cause the risk of battery explosion;


  Do not use the battery below -40℃ or above 50℃ (the battery environment is higher than 50℃, please use high-temperature series batteries);


   Do not use the battery when possible Install under the condition of soaking in water, use the battery;


   During the installation and transportation of the battery, do not use force at the end;


  When multiple batteries are used in series, do not follow the battery identification\-'polarity sequence, and the distance between the batteries shall not be less than 15mm;


   When connecting batteries, Wear protective gloves, use metal tools such as a torque wrench to isolate the metal tools, and absolutely avoid both ends of the metal tools such as a torque wrench from contacting the positive and negative terminals of the battery at the same time. Cause the battery to short-circuit and hurt people;


   When installing the plug-in terminal battery (FP model), please do not change the shape or position of the terminal. If you need to change it, please contact us . When installing the bolt-fastened battery (LFP, CFP models), use the bolt female washer and battery accessories to tighten the connecting wire to achieve a torque of 11.3NM;


   is connecting Before going to the external device, disconnect the device and check again whether the connection polarity of the battery is correct, then connect the positive pole of the battery (group) to the positive pole of the device, connect the negative pole of the battery (group) to the negative pole of the device, and fix the connection Line;


   If you need batteries to be used in parallel, please do not exceed 3 groups (only) in parallel, if you want to exceed, please contact our company;


  [Electric]Charging voltage


  Recycling: 2.40-2.50V/The initial current of a single cell is not more than 0.3Ca


  Floating charging use: 2.23-2.30V/single cell


   When the temperature is lower than 15℃ or higher than 35℃, the charging voltage needs to be adjusted, the standard is ±3mV /Unicellular.


  三. Daily maintenance


   Regularly (once every three months) the following checks or operations on the operating battery:< /p>


   If there is any difference between the total voltage of the battery pack and the specified voltage value, please correct it.


   cell voltage;


  environment temperature and battery surface temperature;


  The fastening status of each part of the battery pack, if it is loose, then fasten it firmly;


   Whether the appearance of the battery is abnormal;


Whether the battery terminal cable is clean.


   Replace the battery and contact us under the following special circumstances:


  Battery case is broken;


   battery leakage;


  The charging voltage of a single battery is abnormal (too high or too low, lower than average or higher than 0.15V/single battery);


  When the long-life battery is overheated


  Four. Precautions for use


  Do not disassemble or modify the battery;


  Do not throw the battery into water or fire;


  Connect the battery pack During the process, please wear insulated gloves;


  Do not install, use or store the battery where children touch;


Do not mix batteries of different brands, different capacities, voltages, and old and new batteries in series;


   There is sulfuric acid in the battery. If the battery is mechanically damaged, the sulfuric acid splashes on the skin and clothes. Even in the eyes, please wash immediately with plenty of water or go to the hospital for treatment.


  5. Storage of long-life battery


  Please store the battery in a cool and dry place

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