Reasons for battery capacity attenuation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

   Battery Ru0026D Center believes that the energy storage of batteries can generally be divided into three virtual areas, namely, the blank area that can be filled, the usable area for providing energy, and the idle and unusable area caused by use and aging, or rock Area.

  The battery begins to decay when it is manufactured. A new battery must provide 100% capacity, but most battery packs in use cannot reach it.

  As the usable area of u200bu200bthe battery shrinks, the refillable energy decreases and the charging time gradually shortens. In most cases, the battery capacity decays linearly due to cycle cycles and aging. In addition, the pressure on the battery caused by deep discharge is greater than that of incomplete discharge, so it is best not to exhaust the battery, but to charge it frequently. For nickel-based batteries and smart batteries used as calibration components, deep discharge should be performed periodically, which helps eliminate the 'memory effect' of nickel-based batteries. The nickel-based lithium battery can be fully charged and discharged for 300 to 500 weeks before the capacity decays to 80%.

  Charging and discharging cycles are not the only cause of capacity degradation. Storing lithium batteries at high temperatures will also cause capacity degradation. A fully charged lithium battery will cause a 35% capacity loss if stored at 40°C (104°F) for one year without use. Ultra-fast charging and discharging is also harmful to the battery, which will reduce the battery life by half, which is very obvious for single lithium batteries. The battery pack has a higher specific energy, but it is particularly subtle due to the difference of the single cells.

  The specifications of the equipment are often based on new batteries, but this is only a short-term phenomenon in the initial test stage, and cannot be maintained for too long. Just like a sports athlete, performance will gradually decline over time, and if left unchecked, it will eventually lead to battery-related failures.

  The battery needs to frequently calculate its capacity decay and final life. The battery pack needs to be replaced when the capacity drops to 80%. The final life limit of the battery pack should be changed according to different applications, user preferences and company guarantees. Since mechanical failures are relatively rare, capacity degradation has become the best indicator of the final replacement plan. This indicator can be completed by verifying the capacity of active batteries every three months. In addition, the technology for characterizing the charging operation status of the charger is also under development.

   Battery Ru0026D engineers also believe that in addition to aging-related attenuation, sulfation and grid corrosion are the main factors affecting the attenuation of lead-acid batteries. Sulfation refers to the thin film layer formed on the cathode plate when the battery stays charged at a lower rate. If it is found in time, it can be eliminated by equalizing charging. Grid corrosion can be reduced by improving the state of charge or adopting an optimized floating charging method. Contact: 18038382979


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