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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-15
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the environmental protection department jointly issued the 'the lead battery industry access conditions', asked the relevant departments in lead battery production projects for investment management, land supply, power supply, environmental protection verification, credit financing, security permissions, etc to work based on the requirements. Access since July 1, 2012 formally implemented. At present, there are about 2000 lead battery enterprises throughout the country, the enterprise number, relatively small scale, low level repeated construction, some enterprises production equipment humble, environment protection facilities is not perfect, individual companies don't even have the environmental protection facilities, lead pollutants discharged into the environment, lead to lead pollution events occur frequently. Setting up barriers to rigid scale & other; Protective distance restriction is conducive to control pollution. The provisions of protection from the earliest is: the scale of production is greater than or equal to 100000 kva lead battery factory, according to its area nearly five years of average wind speed is different, set up the health protection distance is 800 m, 500 m, 400 m respectively; There are idea that unity is 1 km. The access requirements of the provisions of the 400 meters, with the early consistent standards, to control the influence of lead-acid battery pollution hidden trouble, will also be eliminated are near residential areas, and can't afford to move, and the new cost of medium and small businesses. ” Jing-zhong wang, vice director of China battery industry association, told China business newspaper reporters, on May 18 last year, the ministry issued 'on the strengthening lead battery and the regenerated lead industry pollution prevention work notice, access, and demanding environment for existing lead-acid batteries or regenerated lead enterprise, is not in accordance with the law to carry out the protection distance, shall be immediately ordered to stop production, rectification within a time limit, the environmental protection departments at or above the prefecture level inspection qualified rear can resume production. Lead battery production and the construction project environmental impact assessment of remelted lead enterprise by the provincial level or at or above the provincial level for examination and approval of the competent department of environmental protection. “ This new access to industry from the source to further specification again, and will become the industry portal and standardize the management of the new threshold. This is for strengthen environmental regulation results in 2011, is in addition to protective distance, will be a new project and circulation, production scale, the plate production process, energy conservation and recycling, and so on a number of indicators included in the environmental protection verification. Even 2011 by environmental regulation of the enterprise, in the second half of 2012 will still need to access it again check and accept. ” The reporter understands, at present of eliminating unqualified lead battery enterprises around the work has achieved initial results. From China battery industry association, according to data from the local environmental protection bureau has examined 1744 lead battery production enterprises, at present only 229 is still in operation. Beijing lianchuang company at nus, says ms zhao does exist in the present our country lead-acid battery production chain pollution problem, but the problem is not caused by lead-acid batteries of the so-called backward, is on the management, can be resolved through efforts. Lead-acid batteries, she said, 'contamination can happen in three stages. One is the lead ore mining and smelting process, it mainly in use for making production of small factories; Second, lead-acid battery production, some big enterprises for manufacturing process of environmental protection and safety do well, suggesting that lead-acid batteries in the production of pollution can be; Is three regeneration of waste lead-acid batteries, and it is now commonly used lead-acid battery recycling link dry regeneration technology, its disadvantage is that the recovery rate of lead is not high, but not low energy consumption, should be upgraded. In addition, should be resolutely banned lead-acid battery recycling workshop manual. “ We can't isolate, abandon the use of lead-acid battery, no longer support the development of it. At present, the lead-acid battery research and development can not get the government funding support, a large number of researchers have to change the direction of science and technology, large companies have to spend a lot of money to buy foreign technology and equipment, small roughing at low cost to participate in the environmental pollution caused by unfair competition; Coupled with the lack of management, formed the technology behind the advanced technology and production of industrial structure, disrupted the market already, also destroy the reputation of lead-acid batteries. ” She said the United States of lead-acid battery lead volume accounts for about 95% of the total national lead. Due to perfect the laws and regulations, and effective management, lead-acid battery production lead emissions caused only 1 of total emissions. 5%. The Obama administration has made a new energy development planning, including $1. 5 billion for the lead-acid battery research and development. In 2008, the government has placed lead-acid battery production out of main lead pollution sources. In the future, lead battery industry in China should be referred to the lightweight, big capacity, long life in the direction of development; Production to develop in the direction of energy conservation and emissions reduction, automation; The use of resources to develop in the direction of high recycling, and to realize the sustainable development of the industry.
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