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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-12
Domestic motorcycle lead-acid batteries to leading enterprises. The company was founded in 2001, mainly engaged in various types of lead battery product development, production and sales, the company's products mainly high-end motorcycle starter battery, export more than 60%, is domestic, the world's second largest motorcycle battery equipment suppliers and the world's first motorcycle priming gel battery production enterprises. Company motorcycle starting lead battery production technology advanced in the world, the domestic leading position. Market positioning high-end, profit ability is stronger. Company main high-end motorcycle starter battery replacement market, high-end products accounted for more than 60% of revenue. 4 yuan/mah. Higher-end product positioning the company stable product gross margin is above 25%, higher than the rival by more than 5%, leading a higher gross margin to ensure the company a strong profitability. National policies and industry structure adjustment, promote the downstream demand. Last year's national environmental protection the United Nations ( Weibo) Business school nine ministries 'about 2011 engaged in illegal polluters to ensure public health environmental action notice, all over the country were trying to lead battery production, assembly and recycling enterprises 1930, which banned close around 583, 405, the production of 610 production regulation, under construction in 80, only 252 companies in the production, the company's main factories are in production. Countries last year for the lead battery industry energetically rectify, makes the lead battery capacity has fallen dramatically, domestic lead battery market in short supply. As the compliance of the leading enterprises, the company will benefit from the industry consolidation, performance is expected to faster growth this year. The global lead battery market stable growth, domestic demand growth faster. Battery application field widely, covering starting, power and industrial fields. Lead battery high starting rate and stronger cold starting ability, make its applications in priming the battery has a larger advantage; And the stability of the performance of the lead-acid batteries in the bad environment is relatively low cost, make it become the most suitable for solar and wind energy storage battery; Lead battery with high cost performance and safety performance, also make it occupy a stable market share in power battery. Therefore, the future lead battery will remain stable growth, global growth in 2012 is expected to more than 4%.
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