Lead-acid battery maintenance method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

  一. Maintenance fee required


  1. Check whether the lead-acid battery is fixed in the car and whether there is a knock on the surface of the shell;


  2. Whether the lead-acid battery cable is reliably connected, and whether there is dust in the exhaust hole;


   3. Through the eyes, the charging status and quality status of the lead-acid battery, green indicates Qualified, black means power failure, white means the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.


  ii. Supplementary fees


   1. When the vehicle or charging system fails for a long time, when the battery load voltage is less than zero voltage, When the no-load voltage is less than zero voltage, it must be charged;


  2, wind-collecting constant-current-limiting charging method, multiple batteries must be charged in series;

  In the first stage of charging, it is charged at a current of 1:10 of the capacity of the lead-acid battery, and the charging current is zero. After charging to an average voltage of 16A, the battery enters the second stage;


   The second stage of charging, the charging current x 0.045, such as 6-60 lead-acid batteries, the charging current is 60× 0.045/min. After charging to an average voltage of 16V, the battery lasts for 3h and lasts for 5 hours;


   5. When the electrolyte humidity exceeds 40 degrees, stop charging, reduce current or physical cooling, Stop charging when the humidity reaches 45 degrees;


  6. Ensure that the charging room is well ventilated, without open flames and no open flames;


  7. Sufficient power standards, green eyes.


  三, fast charging


   1. Fast charging is limited to emergency measures that the car cannot start, and time permits Normal chargers should be used as much as possible;


  2, the fast charging current is 3/10 of the lead-acid battery capacity;


  3. The fast charging time does not exceed 2 hours.


  4. Charging system fault diagnosis


   1. When the additional electrical appliances are turned off, it should be at different engine speeds Measure the voltage between the two poles of the lead-acid battery. If the voltage is lower than the rated voltage, the output capacity of the charging system is insufficient. Too high indicates that the voltage regulator is out of control, so it is necessary to check the cause of the failure.


   2. Turn off all electrical appliances, lead-acid battery cables, connections between cable clamps and utility poles, and measure the leakage current. Except for the quartz clock, all control units are normally supplied with power. If the leakage current is too large, insurance can be reserved to observe whether the leakage is reduced.


   3. If the eye color is green but the starter speed is low, you should use a lead-acid battery detector to check the battery discharge voltage. When the measured voltage is higher than 10V, it can be used normally after charging. After charging a voltage lower than 10V, there may still be power loss, so the battery should be replaced with a new one.

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