Hitachi group companies had faked her product testing: tampering with lead battery test data-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
According to xinhua reports, Hitachi group of large-scale chemical enterprise 29 admitted that Hitachi chemical company, the company to falsify the testing data of part of the lead-acid batteries used in industry, these do not tally with the measured values of the data and fill in the test report submitted to the client. According to the press communique issued 29, Hitachi chemical company proved to existence of fraud detection data is Hitachi chemical is located in the famous triple county city name card business produced about 60000 industrial lead-acid batteries. Before the delivery capacity of the battery test, the relevant departments of Hitachi chemical used as agreed with the customer test method with different methods of internal will also not be the same as the measured values of the data fill in the test report and submit to the customer. Communique said the lead-acid batteries for Hitachi chemical use about 6% of the sales lead battery business, buy these customers about 500 batteries, battery is mainly used for emergency backup power factory, etc. According to local media reports, Japan has several nuclear power plants also use the testing data of fraud lead battery, but does not affect the performance and security. Since the kobe steel after it was revealed last year by tampering with product data, mitsubishi composite materials, toray, ube XingChan etc. The company has had a similar problem.
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