Battery replacement method-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-23
1, remove the battery to battery along with a remove battery box, on the worktable, remove lock screw, etc. Carefully open the battery box, with 50 w electric iron to match the battery from the battery terminals, and immediately to encase the battery terminals with insulating tape, in order to prevent the short circuit accident; Welding, the attachment between the battery can be welded under one head, took joint, and then another welding joint, welding will be wired immediately after where rules, prevent the attachment make the battery short circuit. Some battery in installation using adhesive to battery and battery box with tape (such as General use stickers) , need to pull the battery to take out ( But not too hard) 。 If operation is difficult, but the battery slightly heated, or using alcohol solvent, bonding agent dissolve and remove the battery. The last remaining gaskets or bonding agent and so on should be clean, ready to install the new battery. 2, quality inspection to check all the attachment, check the insurance at the same time, charging socket, and lead the contact is normal and reliable battery, and tighten all fittings. Need to change should be replaced, and focuses on its reliability, unreliable all replacement ( Including battery box, etc. ) 。 3, installation according to the new battery packaging specifications for installation in the box. 4, trial after several times to charge and discharge using assessment of normal, may be put into normal operation.
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