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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-25
Last Friday night, Aaron lead, gladly gave up early gains and scrap metal market price performance hysteresis; Guangdong reduction lead to its door on July 22, 13000 - 13200 yuan/ton. , according to data on July 24, sands source underreported in 15150 yuan/ton, the south, ShuiKouShan lead quote 15000 yuan/ton, tianma lead to 14940 yuan/ton; Yunnan region rised lead prices will rise, today more than continue to around 14750 yuan/ton. Since February this year, lead the overall is all the way down, from an average of 15800 yuan/ton, near July dropped to less than 15000 yuan/ton. And lead ingot around 75% of the cost of the lead-acid batteries, lead ingot prices plunged to a great extent, reduce the cost of battery, battery price lack of pressing force. “ Down from zhejiang, several rounds of environmental regulation, after capacity expansion of old brand or adjust some speed, but small and medium-sized enterprise survival difficult. ” Spring said yao. According to Shanghai phoenix electric marketing director Gu Youjun said, since the beginning of this season, the electric car market sales many, he is now the main market bid, visit. Another enterprise aucma electric car sales company, general manager of operations, said, indeed, electric car market this year in the fall, the corresponding main components - - Lead battery sales must be affected, aucma strategic cooperation suppliers - - Insiders reflect amd battery, we are not to raise prices, individual dealers raised 5 - 10 yuan may be allocate to regional market supplies or model. Since the beginning of this July, lead battery price speculation increased, amd battery market rumors have not been market response to raise prices. According to amd insiders said, began in April inventory strategy, product prices edged down instead. “ The market decided to price, who increases, whose market share is immediately eating, so everyone feel hesitate to action. ” Zhejiang lead battery industry association secretary-general yao chun said. Ministry of industry, according to figures released in 2012-1 In may, China's battery industry to achieve industrial output rose 18. 5%, the total sales of 97. 37%, complete the export value of year-on-year decline in 0. 13%. One month in May, the battery industry industrial sales value year-on-year growth of 26. 42%, with sales of 97. 48%, the export value of year-on-year growth of 14. 69%. 1 - In may, the rose 17 lead battery the total output. 6%; Alkaline battery the total output fell by 19. 1%; The total output fell 14 lithium-ion batteries. 8%; Galvanic cell total output fell 6% year on year. China's chemical and physical power industry association secretary-general yan-long liu in tianjin, said the lead battery industry this year, the overall situation is not optimistic, auto off sales growth is slowing, capacity expansion leads to increase in the number of product inventory on the other hand, there is the possibility of further price reduction after October this year, three is the obvious contradiction between market supply and demand, companies capital chain is not loose, this time factory to repatriate funds tend to take the kick upstairs strategy, urged the dealer the receivable. It is understood that the announcement of the lead-acid battery access conditions and management measures have been formulated, expected at the end of July, conditions detailed rules will be a special emphasis on strict controls of new project, needs to existing, new, and the plate production enterprise set up 20, 50, and the production capacity of 1 million KVAH threshold, and from the process equipment, environmental protection, occupational health, energy saving and recycling, and many other aspects put forward the requirement of the enterprise. From this perspective, lead battery there prices, because behind capacity elimination has also led to a lot of factories, and the big brand market will undoubtedly benefit. Comprehensive manufacturer information as you can see, after the early stage of the rectification, some large domestic enterprises to expand market share, capital expansion of the new project. After sail share, after the expansion of the lead-acid battery project lifan shares, another leading enterprises & ndash; — Henan amd has also to start to build new forms of 9 million KVAh high-capacity lead-acid batteries. But in guotai junan, head of the new energy industry, analysts Hou Wentao view, lead battery industry is a industry overcapacity, if repeated expansion can be digested, depending on the downstream automobile manufacturing industry, and electric bicycle market change, but in UPS power supply, mining battery products, such as segmentation, communication base station power supply industry there is a chance.
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