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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-22
Daily maintenance and maintenance of electric vehicle battery mainly pay attention to the following: ( 1) Battery in the best working environment temperature 15 ℃ - 40℃。 In this temperature range, will affect the normal work of the battery. ( 2) In the summer it is forbidden to put electric vehicles in the sun for a long time exposure. ( 3) The environment temperature is higher than 40 ℃ or below 10 ℃, the battery life will shorten. So the summer high temperature, the battery should avoid direct sunlight. In winter low temperature, the battery should be stored indoors, and recharged indoors. After a full charge, charge 2 hours longer. ( 4) When battery charging shall be carried out in the environment of the air to circulate. Avoid close to the fire, best'll take out the battery when charging, and heat dissipation. ( 5) When the dashboard under-voltage display lamp glow red, suggests that power into the hunger zone, should charge in a timely manner. Timely charging will greatly extend the life of the battery. Every day to a fully charged battery charging time should be 8 - every time 12 hours. Allow the battery to keep fengchen power state of great benefit to its life. If not timely after cycling charging, will greatly influence the service life of batteries. Severe cases can cause dead batteries. ( 6) Can't make the battery positive and negative side short circuit, lest produce risk. ( 7) Only use manufacturer to provide special charger to charge. ( 8) Battery is special battery. Please don't be used as the power of the electric bicycle outside, lest cause damage battery. ( 9) Cannot use organic solvent cleaning storage battery shell. Fire accident, can not use carbon dioxide fire extinguishing, and should use extinguishing appliances such as carbon tetrachloride. ( 10) Capacitor group in case of failure, please send it to the manufacturer or the relevant authorities to properly handle the authorization. Please don't discarded so as not to cause environmental pollution. ( 11) Battery for a long time need not when, should be enough electricity to deposit, and do it every three months for an additional charge of not less than 24 hours. ( 12) The environment temperature in - 10 ℃, the battery power can only be released by 60%. Therefore, charged a mileage in winter than the summer when charged a mileage to reduce a lot. Winter should foot when driving electric power drive as well. ( 13) The battery is consumables, battery life is limited. Battery life termination period should be charged a mileage can only reach the provisions of the state ( 25公里) Half of the appraised. Is charged a range less than 13 km when battery life is terminated, a new battery should be replaced. ( 14) Electric bicycle is started, should slow speed; In larger and windward slope road, best can sufficient pedal auxiliary, avoid large current discharge battery, in order to prolong the life of battery and motor. And can avoid damage electrical components.
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