Various types of lead-acid battery capacity utilization are recovered in February -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-02
Various types of lead-acid battery enterprises starts in February recovered mainly due to the affected by the New Year's day and Spring Festival holiday in January, many enterprises production time is short, limited construction, and in February as the end of the holiday, each enterprise production slowly getting back to normal rhythm, guaranteed starting time, so the whole starts rose slightly in February. Each type of lead battery enterprises from research, starting type lead battery starts in February nearly seventy percent, from January to recover. From the past, is still in February, motorcycle auto lead battery demand season, although this year to slack season characteristic is obvious, but there are still many start type lead battery enterprises seize the last time to step up production, starting from January to improve; Each type of lead battery domestic enterprises starts in February were recovered, power lead battery enterprise with the advent of battery sales season after the Spring Festival, the previous battery fg inventory digestion step by step, but battery orders at present is still inadequate, so this type of lead-acid battery enterprises starts rising despite still start type is better than lead battery enterprises; Fixed energy storage battery production is relatively stable, as the end of the holiday to begin in February. 2
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