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by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-29
Invented lead-acid battery l859 years commonly, the use of more than one hundred years, from the application value and reliable power supply, cycle life, high discharge and so on have been improved a lot. Often need to battery adding distilled water; Second, excessive electrolyte, possible leakage, charging and precipitation carrying acid mist, harmful gas of the body. In recent years the development of valve-controlled battery USES the new technology of gas recombination, inside the battery have recombination effect, make gas during charging do not go out, so this kind of battery does not add distilled water, greatly reduces the maintenance workload, people often call it maintenance free storage battery. Valve control battery development in China began in the late 1980 s, with the size of the factory so far nearly hundred, most of the factory to the quality of the product basically comply with the relevant national and industry standards, to ensure the reliability of the power system dc power play a better role. Part of the battery from Germany, the United States, Japan, Spain, has introduced the production technology and manufacturing equipment; Another part of the factory USES the domestic equipment and new technology, the production of valve control battery capacity is 100 ~ 3000 ah. At present domestic medium and small capacity power plant and substation 220 kv and below has been widely used in valve control cells. Capacity of 300 mw and over in recent years, 500 kv substation and power plant adopted valve-controlled battery also gradually increasing. From the operation of the valve control battery performance is stable, reliable, maintenance workload small, get the welcome of the design and operation personnel. But valve-controlled battery reaction is more sensitive to temperature, serious over charging and charge is not allowed to charge and discharge more stringent requirements, require good charging device performance. At present, the widespread adoption of high frequency switch type charging device, the output ripple coefficient (dc 1%) , voltage stability and steady flow with high precision ( 5%) , and can according to the procedures prescribed by automatically on valve control battery charge and discharge, basically meet the requirements of the valve control cell.
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