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by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-29
Microcomputer monitor is based on the dc power supply system of battery terminal voltage value, the charging device in ac input dc output voltage value, current value and voltage control of data. Operators through the microcomputer keyboard or buttons to setting and modification of the operation parameters. At the scene of the operation of the dc has microcomputer monitor liquid crystal display panel or screen, all can monitor and control the running parameters. Dispatch center distance through & other; Three remote & throughout; Interface, the screen can also monitor, through the keyboard can also control the operation mode of the dc power supply mechanism. Microcomputer monitor dc power supply device once put into operation, it is only through display button to check all the parameters, if all normal, can't optional change setting parameters. If a microcomputer monitor in the run control is ineffective, to modify the program and setting again. If all can not meet the need of operation mode, start the manual operation, adjust to the need of operation mode, and the microcomputer monitor out of the running - Pay the professional inspection apricot repair again after put into operation.
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