Types of emergency light batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Label: Types of emergency light batteries. Search within the site: emergency light batteries. Emergency light: the general term for lamps used for emergency lighting. The fire emergency lighting system mainly includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicator lights, which are set up to guide the trapped people to evacuate or launch fire rescue operations after the normal lighting power supply is cut off in the event of a fire. In this setting, the battery plays a very important task. How to choose batteries for emergency lights? First of all, determine the voltage, power and current of the lamp. Then proceed to the selection of emergency light battery. The most commonly used emergency light batteries are lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries (nickel-cadmium is also used, but the pollution is relatively large, so it is generally rarely used now). We first introduce lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are mainly 6V and 12V. The advantage is that they can provide large current and have a longer power supply time. But because of its large size, it can only be used for relatively large-scale, high-power, and high-voltage emergency lights. The biggest advantage of NiMH batteries is their small size. The smallest is like the AA battery we usually use, but the voltage is only 1.2V. Therefore, if the lamp voltage reaches 12V, 10 such small batteries are connected in series. The disadvantage is that the capacity is not high. So it can only be used for small emergency lamps
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