Treatment and drying process of battery positive plate

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Processing and drying process of battery positive plate


   After the positive plate is completed, the electrode plate can be directly placed on the plate frame, or transported together with the plate or container to the designated Location, some processes need to be washed with water, and then placed on the plate frame; a battery is directly placed on the plate frame, the distance between the plates is 1~5mm, and then rinsed. Then the kiln towels are dried by the frame. The drying kiln has a heating device. The general heat source is steam or electricity. There is a circulating air system inside and a dehumidification system outside. The position of the pole plate should be the same as the circulating wind direction of the drying kiln along the plane of the plate. The purpose of the battery is to remove moisture through the spacing between the plates and to dry the plates.


  The drying temperature of the kiln is 80~90℃. High temperature may cause thermal passivation of the positive electrode plate, especially the dry-charged electrode plate, so thermal passivation must be avoided. -The drying time is 20 hours, every day-one cycle. Set circulating air and dehumidification parameters according to equipment conditions. Pay attention to slow heating and cooling when the positive plate is drying. Avoid inconsistencies caused by the too fast drying speed of the drying kiln and the slow drying speed of some battery parts in Shenzhen.

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