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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-18
Lead-acid batteries due to its advantages of security and stability and high cost performance in the field of secondary battery occupy a higher market share, and is widely used in auto start, power battery and energy storage battery backup and three areas. But in 2011 the outbreak of the & other; Blood lead event & throughout; An upsurge in rectifying the wind make the whole industry. In view of the & other Lead-acid battery & throughout; Areas with a Chinese battery industry association secretary-general Liu Jiaxin and gf sind senior investment manager kris, lead-acid battery issues of the study and discussion. Reporter: at present, a large number of enterprises to declare a lithium battery industry, under the condition of the downstream application market has not fully open, what do you think of this kind of investment behavior? To related enterprises and what kind of advice? China battery industry association secretary-general Liu Jiaxin: from the point of industry development stage, power battery is at the early stage of development, although faced with a greater risk of the market, but also because such a development stage, is also opportunity for enterprises, the development initial period to early movers can industry in the leading position. So I think that although the industrialization of new energy vehicles has yet, but just a question of time, after all, predictable market size is large enough, therefore, has the advantages of enterprises should advance to power battery industry layout, to preempt the development opportunities, if stubbornly wait for mature market before entering, it was already is a piece of the red sea. For enterprise investment power battery, I suggest first to have in-depth analysis of power battery industry chain, the real understanding of the basic size of this market, combined with its own resource advantage to selectively into some of the industrial chain link, can't do anything, be sure to do what you are good at field, such as the anode material, membrane, electrolyte, or a battery assembly, to do a detailed feasibility study before investment. Second, don't always see only new energy automobile market, and ignore the mature markets such as electric bicycles and electric tools and existing tablets, smart phones and other markets. In fact this a piece of the market is very big. Again, the enterprises in the investment must have their own technology advantage, because the early industrial development, the technology is a very important factor of enterprise can really win. Finally, it is important to note that capital operation.
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