Top ten lead-acid battery voltage indicators

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12
Label: Top Ten Lead-Acid Battery Voltage Indicators 1. Lead-acid battery termination voltage The battery discharge termination voltage (abbreviated as the end of discharge) is the bottom line voltage value of battery discharge. When the battery is discharged to the end, the load voltage of the battery when the discharge is terminated is specified , Its value is n*10.5V (the number of lead-acid batteries connected in series is represented by 'n'). The voltage with load cannot be lower than this value (sometimes people often use the open circuit voltage to compare it is wrong, it should be the working voltage with load). The discharge termination voltage is lower than the rated voltage. 2. Single cell battery and cell voltage A positive plate and a negative plate form a single cell battery, which is the most basic unit of the battery. For lead-acid batteries, the rated voltage of a single cell is 2.0V, the final single cell charging is 2.3~2.35V, and the single cell discharging end is 1.75V. A single battery is composed of single cells, such as lead-acid batteries. A single battery can consist of 2-6 or even more single cells in series. Its three voltage values u200bu200b(rated, charged, and discharged) are the sum of the number of single cells. For a plate-type square battery, the number of negative plates in a single battery is always one more than the number of positive plates. The voltage between the positive and negative plates is the single-cell voltage. The cell voltage is different for different plate materials, which is why the cell voltages of different types of batteries are different. 3. Lead-acid battery internal pressure The lead-acid battery internal pressure refers to the internal air pressure of the battery. It is caused by the gas generated during the charging and discharging process of the sealed battery. It is mainly affected by the battery material, manufacturing process, battery structure and other factors. The reason is mainly due to the accumulation of gas generated by the decomposition of water and organic solution inside the battery in the battery. High-rate continuous overcharge will cause the battery temperature and internal pressure to increase. In severe cases, it will have a destructive effect on the performance and appearance of the battery, such as leakage, drum bottom, increase in battery internal resistance, discharge time and cycle life Shorten etc. 4. What is the rated voltage of the battery? The rated voltage is the voltage value that a single cell or a single battery should have, and represents the characteristics of batteries of different materials. For example, the single cell rated voltage of a lead-acid battery is 2V, a nickel-hydrogen battery is 1.2V, and a lithium battery is 3.6~3.7V. Generally, the rated voltage of a single battery is the sum of the rated voltage of the single battery. 5. The open circuit voltage of the battery refers to the voltage value between the two terminals of the battery when the battery is in a non-working state, that is, when there is no current flowing in the circuit when the battery is not connected to any load. The open circuit voltage cannot be used as a standard to measure the battery voltage, but the measured open circuit voltage of a single battery can be compared with each other, and the state of charge change of the battery itself at different times can also be measured as a reference. Through the open circuit voltage of the battery, the state of charge of the battery can be judged. 6. The working voltage of the battery, also known as the terminal voltage, refers to the potential difference between the positive and negative poles of the battery when the current is over in the circuit when the battery is working. In the battery discharge state, when the current flows inside the battery, there is no need to overcome the resistance caused by the internal resistance of the battery, so the working voltage is always lower than the open circuit battery, and the opposite is true when charging. Any electric facility can be the load of the battery, but the rated voltage of the load must be the same as that of the battery, and the power of the load should be equivalent to the capacity of the battery. 7. Charging limit voltage According to the manufacturer's regulations, the voltage value when the battery is switched from constant current charging to constant voltage charging. 8. Nominal voltage of battery It is used to express the approximate value of battery voltage. 9. The average voltage of the battery When the battery is discharged, the average voltage from the beginning to the end of the discharge. 10. Voltage drop of lead-acid battery Charge the battery to more than 80% qualitatively, and measure its no-load voltage. The 5W/2W battery is used as a load to connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery as a disconnection of the battery, and the connected devices are connected in series. The voltage drop within 5 seconds after the switch is turned on is not more than 0.4V, which is qualified, mainly to test the battery load performance.
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