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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-13
We have learned, lead-acid batteries in electric cars occupy a higher market share, while in a certain extent by the impact of the lithium battery technology, but the lead-acid battery of cost-effective to ensure its mainstream in the short term reigns. With the high-speed development of electric bicycles, electric tricycle industry, demand for batteries will also have a larger room for growth. At the same time, our country automobile industry development space is larger, a huge new car ownership and car battery replacement and form a complete set, also can drive the car needs stable growth with lead-acid batteries. “ At present, the lead-acid battery enterprise destocking performance is quite obvious. Lithium batteries because of its price is too high, can't replace lead-acid battery for a while, so if the downstream actual consumption continues to grow or remain strong, lead-acid battery production in 2013 is expected to be strengthened. ” Industry analysts Lin Zhechen said, because of the domestic market demand drives the capacity expansion, in the short term lead-acid battery also does not have the possibility of being eliminated by the market. The future national level management of the lead-acid battery industry key is bound to fall on the backward production capacity, promote structural adjustment. Lin Zhechen view represents a significant proportion of lead-acid battery manufacturer's point of view. The manufacturer's point of view in the 'about promoting the development of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry standard opinions reflected. Eliminate backward production capacity, the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry as a national key industries, backward production capacity, eliminated immediately open type ordinary lead-acid battery capacity, and in 2015 by the end of out did not pass verification, environmental protection is not in conformity with the requirements of backward production enterprise. It is forbidden to transfer to rural and the Midwest backward production capacity. Encourage conditional enterprise merger and reorganization. Strictly access, must strengthen the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead new and change, the expansion project for the record management, banned in important eco-function areas, lead polluting area and new, in the area of heavy metal pollution prevention and control of key project change and expansion of increase of lead pollutants; In key areas, the new change, and expansion of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprises should conform to the requirements of the regional lead pollutant total amount control. Construction of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprise agglomeration park, should carry out planning eia, to strengthen the park planning control, strictly implement the protection distance requirements. In addition, the above five departments will also increase funding support, in 2012 - In 2015 by the central government eliminate backward production capacity reward fund for national within the scope of the lead-acid battery enterprise close down backward production facilities support. And implement preferential tax policies. Continue to use of waste lead acid storage battery in the production of secondary lead enterprises, upon payment of VAT is carried out 50% of the tax preferential policies.
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