To carry out the lead-acid battery - throughout the country-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
According to research firm zhuo and information disclosure of the data as of December, 1147 total of battery enterprises in 27 provinces, including 411 in production enterprises, the total of 35. 8%, nearly seventy percent of lead battery manufacturer is in a state of production or closing to ban. Dropped sharply despite the lead-acid battery enterprise, lead-acid battery production is not. Lead-acid battery clean up after 2 years, all small lead-acid battery companies reduce, but the big battery manufacturer is taken advantage of the opportunity, into a small manufacturers production workshop, the lead-acid battery capacity to reduce not many in the country. “ In recent months, lead battery production in high speed growth, expected next year's demand will not use the lead battery industry. ” Hong-jie li said. According to preview web data, in the second half of 2012, China lead-acid battery production in July, are the lowest output for 1487. 90000 KVAH, still higher than the highest point of 1455 in 2011. 1-10000 KVAH In November China lead-acid battery 16000 cumulative production. Rose 25 70000 kva. 41%. Lead-acid battery companies reduce, to stabilize the price of lead market play a role. Rich treasure Wu Xiangfeng information lead analyst told wisdom, lead battery companies decrease, means to participate in the lead market trading companies, this to a certain extent, reduce the quotation chaos, reduce the range of price fluctuations.
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