Tips for dust cleaning up UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

There will be more or less dust in the environment where the UPS power supply is used. People usually maintain UPS power supplies and focus on the mainframe and UPS batteries. These small dusts may sometimes be ignored. In fact, the accumulation of dust has a great impact on the UPS mainframe.

   In some areas with dry climates, due to more dust in the air, the fan in the UPS mainframe will bring the dust into the machine and precipitate. When the air is humid, it will cause the mainframe control disorder and cause the mainframe to work. Disturbances and false alarms, a large amount of dust will also cause poor heat dissipation of the UPS power supply, resulting in an increase in the temperature inside the machine, affecting the service life of the UPS power supply, and more serious, it will cause the UPS host to explode. Therefore, attention must be paid to UPS dust removal.

   Under normal circumstances, UPS equipment must be overhauled every four years. First, all UPS fans are replaced. Then, according to the operating conditions, a professional will check the ripple of the DC loop with power on, and check the DC power from the outside. Whether the capacitor and AC capacitor are abnormal, use a special meter to test the capacity of the capacitor to determine whether to replace the capacitor. The cleaning method is to start reinstalling the plug-in after the cleaning and maintenance are completed. Pay attention to the plug-in tightly and the secondary plug to be plugged in. Check whether the fan and the cover have resonance after power on. If all the above conditions are normal, the UPS will continue to manually bypass the power supply load. In the case of no load, professional and technical personnel will separately supply power to the UPS to debug the automatic bypass, rectifier and inverter. If the debugging is normal, the UPS starts to switch, from manual bypass to automatic bypass and then to the inverter to supply power. Secondly, when removing dust, check whether the connectors and plug-ins are loose or not in firm contact.

   In addition to these dust removal tips, when you see dust on the UPS main unit during the process of using UPS power supply, you should also develop a cleaning habit so that dust will not accumulate. Only a long-term clean UPS host can provide a better, more stable and reliable power supply.

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