Three modes of battery invalidation -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-28
Battery failure mode 1) Positive plate corrosion caused by battery fluid loss, increased the proportion of the electrolyte, a strong acidic electrolyte fuel is plate corrosion. 2) Thermal runaway thermal runaway is refers to the battery charged at constant pressure, the charging current and battery temperature a cumulative enhancement effect, and gradually damage the battery. From the current battery status survey, thermal runaway is one of the major failure modes of the storage battery. Thermal runaway the direct result of the storage battery shell bulge, leak, battery capacity decline, serious still can cause plate deformation, failure in the end. Float charging voltage is long-term use of battery charging voltage, are important factors affecting the service life of the battery. In general, float charging voltage as 2. 23 ~ 2. 25 v/monomer ( 25℃) More appropriate. 3) Battery water valve control type lead acid battery not escaping gas is conditional, namely: the battery during storage should be without gas evolution; Charging voltage in 2. 35 v/monomer ( 25℃) The following should be without gas evolution; Should be no gas evolution during the discharge. But when the charging voltage more than 2. 35 v/monomer is likely to make gas escape, inside the battery short time doesn't produce a large amount of gas is absorbed by the cathode, pressure exceeds a certain value, started by one-way exhaust valve exhaust, although gas is filtered acid cushion filter out the acid mist, but after all, make a battery lost gas ( Is the water loss) , so the valve control type sealed lead acid battery can't charge. 4) Negative plate sulphation when valve control type sealed lead acid battery charged less than when the battery is negative grid plate have PbSO4 this phenomenon is called active substances of sulfating, sulfate reduce battery of the active material, reduce the effective capacity of the battery, also affect the gas absorption capacity of a battery, time will make the battery failure.
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