Three methods for emergency starting when the car battery is dead

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
When the battery is out of power or the starting motor fails, an emergency start is required at this time. Push-cart start is the most familiar and effective emergency start method, but it is a last resort method, because it will damage the engine and clutch to some extent. Automatic vehicles should especially avoid using this method to start.  Please pay attention to safety first when pushing a cart. It is necessary to observe whether the road conditions at the parking position of the vehicle are suitable for the start of the cart. You can use the downhill road to increase the speed. If the front of the car is uphill, it will be tiring to push forward and the speed will be difficult to increase, so you should turn the front of the vehicle downhill to push the car . Try not to start the cart on a section with lots of vehicles and pedestrians. The ignition switch should be turned on before the vehicle is pushed. When the vehicle speed is reached, put the transmission into 2nd gear, and then quickly release the clutch pedal and refuel. Once the engine starts, you should quickly depress the clutch pedal while controlling the accelerator to prevent the engine from stalling, and then stop slowly.   When the battery power is insufficient, this method can be used to start emergency. Bring the two cars close until the jumper cable is enough to connect the positive and negative poles of the two batteries. Attention should be paid to ensure that the two vehicles are not in contact, and only cables with sufficient load-bearing capacity and insulated sheaths are allowed to be used. If the installation position of the battery that provides the power supply on the vehicle is not convenient for direct jumper connection, the battery must be removed with a tool.   Determine the positive and negative poles of the two batteries, and use cables to connect the positive pole and the positive pole, and the negative pole and the negative pole respectively. Be careful not to make a mistake about the positive and negative poles of the battery.
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