Three major consumption points of lead-acid batteries in my country in the past two years:

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
Professor Hu Xinguo analyzed the three major consumption points of lead-acid batteries in my country in the past two years: one, the electric bicycle market. Last year, more than 30 million electric bicycles were sold, and over 97% of them used lead-acid batteries. Relevant data show that the current number of electric bicycles in China is 140 million, and the annual new car matching and replacement market will reach 56 million kVAh.   2. Cars. Automobile starter batteries are also a big consumer with rapid development. Last year, my country’s auto production was 18.5 million units, and the country’s auto ownership exceeded 100 million units. It has become the world’s largest country in auto sales. In addition to exports, the newly-added and replaced starter-type lead-acid batteries exceed 53 million kVA per year, which is close to the demand for electric bicycles.   3. Industrial batteries. It is mainly the backup power supply for communication and energy storage batteries such as wind energy and solar energy. At present, manufacturers' orders for energy storage batteries are in short supply and even too late for production, which is completely opposite to the situation in the electric bicycle market in the fourth quarter. This is because the communications industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and many batteries previously supplied to infrastructure have also reached the replacement period. Therefore, the demand for communication backup power in the past one or two years is quite large, about 40 million kVAh.  Together, the sales volume of lead-acid batteries in my country last year was about 144 million kVAh. According to calculations by international forecasting agencies, the sales volume of lead-acid batteries in China in 2017 is expected to reach 240 million kVAh.
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