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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-19
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently will be organized to carry out the lithium battery industry basic situation investigation, to find out the lithium battery industry in our country the status quo, for the development of lithium battery safety standards and access to provide basis for the safety of the production enterprises. It is understood that the investigation to find the lithium battery and lithium battery including the scope of all raw materials production enterprises. In recent years, triggered by a lithium-ion battery fire and explosion accident frequency, the safety of lithium-ion batteries to cause the attention of the society. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology office meeting chaired a minister, calls for strengthened management and access, and prevent safety accidents. Thin-film batteries as the name suggests is a layer of thin film preparation into solar cells, and its use silicon, and easier to reduce costs, at the same time it is a highly efficient energy products, is a new type of building materials, easier to building a perfect combination. Silicon raw materials under the background of rising tensions in the international market, thin film solar cell has become a new trend of the development of international pv market and the new hot spot. Is now able to industrialized mass production of thin-film batteries basically has 3 kinds: silicon thin film solar cells, copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells, 香烟) , cadmium telluride thin film solar cells ( CdTe) 。
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